Debbie Slacter is an established interior designer who fuses deep knowledge of designing spaces for wellness with fresh thinking and distinctive ideas for each project. She launched Slacter Design Studio in 2012 to expand on 25 years of successful commercial design experience. Clients and peers recognize her for her leadership, integrity, excellent listening ability and creative solutions.

Her study at the University of Minnesota earned Debbie a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design and Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work. She is a founding member and certificant of the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers, holds a certificate from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification and is a state Certified Interior Designer. Her ongoing education and curiosity keeps her current of new developments in her field of practice.

The NAHB National Council on Seniors’ Housing invited Debbie to jury the Best of Senior Housing Design Awards. She has spoken nationally on design strategies for Independent Living and her work has been featured in industry publications and displayed internationally.

An article written by Debbie can be read in the Fall 2010 newsletter of the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers. Please follow the link:

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