Interior Design is about people. Our practice is anchored in the belief that design is a powerful tool. Using it with discretion we help clients achieve their vision while enhancing the lives of those who live, work, play, visit or otherwise use the space.

Slacter Design Studio is adept at utilizing information from various market sectors to improve the discovery of appropriate interior design solutions. We bring decades of multidimensional qualifications, industry relationships and reliability to the table. This enables us to offer you interior design services with cohesive project delivery that is focused on sustainability, value and quality.

Our design process begins with active listening and open dialogue between you and the design team. We excel at zeroing in on requirements and responding with innovative, flexible interior solutions that provide long-term value. Our ideas evolve from your criteria and aspirations along with the uniqueness of the building and natural environment. We are excited by each opportunity to further develop what is possible…to create inspiring spaces that enable full and rich experiences while promoting health, safety and well-being.

Clients enjoy working with us because we fulfill requirements, meet schedules and respect budgets, allowing them to focus on other matters. There’s an easy synergy that comes with working with seasoned professionals; projects go more smoothly and goals are attained.